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AGE 14 - Adults


 Fingerboard Mastery


At Phil Roberts Guitar the primary focus is gaining total fingerboard mastery which is absolutely foundational to ALL guitar styles. While many guitar studios claim to "teach ALL styles", Robert truly has the background, skills, experience, knowledge, equipment and communicative ability to effectively and genuinely teach ALL guitar styles ranging from the Classical Back, Sor & Tarrega to Rock & Blues and Jazz of Kenny Burell, Wes Montgomery, Clapton, Jeff Beck, Stevie Ray and Joe Bonnamassa, in addition to modern fingerstyle acoustic styles including bass and ukelele lessons.


Fingerboard mastery would include knowledge of intervals, arpeggios, scales and chords and rhythms within the cycle of fifths framework and making musical sense of it all. It is the actual “heavy lifting” addressing many aspects of traditional music theory, then, physically applying that theory to capture that special creative musical feeling with your guitar or bass. 


The paradoxical nature of the fingerboard will begin to make perfect sense when the those immutable principles and laws of music are clearly explained and understood.


The main studio environment is well equipped with a wide variety of guitars, basses, amps, guitar effects, audio and visual aids for student use.  Beginner electric bass is also taught in much the same fashion as guitar, though the two instruments are significantly different, they share key similarities. The primary difference being the role each ones plays. Knowledge of one can easily transfer to the other.

The Royal Conservatory of Music


For parents and students who are goal driven toward degrees in higher education and possible careers in music, Phil Roberts Guitar is affiliated with The Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto, CN.


Graded certifications can be earned by a guided , methodical pedagogy throughout ten carefully  graded skill levels. While this course is designed for serious school - aged students of classical guitar, anyone, regardless of age interested in exploring the beauty of classical guitar can jump in!


This style/genre is very rewarding whereby classical guitar, with it’s very rich European and South American traditions, establishes a solid framework of musical skillsets  adaptable to most other styles.


Very special attention and encouragement  is given  to those committed parents and students due to the very demanding nature of classical guitar technique and repertoire.


A standard classical guitar is required to pursue this course of study.

Ukelele Lessons


The Ukelele is a fun instrument for beginners and beyond. The Ukelele is a member of the lute family of instruments. It originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian adaptation. It is a fun four string instrument that complements any other of its 6 string companions.

Guitar Care
& Repair
Student guitars requiring maintenance, restringing, set ups and adjustments are expertly repaired in my studio at competitive rates with a loaner guitar included.  
Electric Bass Lessons


Expert attention given to the needs of the modern bassist..

12 bar Blues , Functional Jazz / pop progressions, Funk/Slap grooves , Classic R&B and Modal techniques for beginners and beyond. Understand cycle of fifths,  how to use a metronome, Major Scales, Arpeggios, Texture, Tone & Feel and playing "in the pocket" with a drummer...

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