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Care & Repairs

Phil's Guitar Care & Repairs


I come from a long line of skilled tradesman, primarily, machinists, an old world trade of precision tool and die crafting. Using various hi speed lathes and drills one would craft a huge assortment of objects from blueprints primarily for manufacturing in the automotive industry. This process requires patience , skilled hands and precision. I must have inherited that very same gene as I love to do the very same work, that is , with guitars of course.


For student guitars requiring maintenance or repairs, a variety of loaner guitars are freely available for interim use at no charge.


Services Include:


  • Basic new guitar set ups

  • Intonation

  • Special neck conditioning

  • Fret polishing/crowning

  • Bone nut and saddle replacements

  • Re stringing and Truss rod adjustments

  • Strat and Tele rebuilds

  • Pickup trouble shooting and replacements

  • Very reasonable pricing


Unique Bridge

Modifications for

Classical Guitar

Superior Craftsmanship


A painstakingly crafted adjustable bone saddle on the Spanish classical below offers the option of sliding the saddle when/if necessary to adjust the string height (action) which is usually an issue with nylon string guitars.


If you look closely at the bridge this isn’t a 12 hole system! I invented, what I believe, is a better way to string a classical without retrofitting to a hi end 12 hole bridge system. A slight mod to the existing bridge is required which offers a more acute string angle from bridge to saddle yielding a stronger tone from a somewhat tighter string entry. 

A view of the my adjustable bone saddle for classical guitars.

New bone nut…fits perfectly! An extremely important component on a classical (any) guitar.

Blonde Archtop D’angelico New Yorker clone that grabs alot of attention - quite true to the original, and  sounds gorgeous with the floating mini Johnny Smith humbucker with the lowest buzz free action of anything I’ve ever played!


A striking and very lightweight metal - flake MIM Fender Strat with locking tuners & HSC

Get a $10 Rebate on Your Italia Premium Leather Guitar/Bass Straps Purchase

Phil vs Local Music Stores


The guy at your local music store will seldom tell you how important it is to maintain your guitar, so bring it to me and I’ll get that instrument playing near perfect to your liking and preferred style and if your handy I’ll teach you how to DIY!


Sound Portals on my Wechter jumbo acoustic. Traditional designs of the standard acoustic guitar have a single round sound hole facing the listener but nothing facing the player! So, very carefully craft a few strategically placed “sound portals” for yourself! This really does make a significant difference for the player.

Maintenance and repairs to high end classical guitars such as this Yulong-Guo-Doubletop guitar are a speciality.

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