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LOVE, Valentines Day and Guitar


Valentines Day, also known as Lupercalia, began in the Roman 5th century when a Catholic priest, named Valentine was held responsible for decreeing certain acts of

loving kindness toward single, unmarried men who were forbidden to marry. The Roman Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage believing single men made better soldiers and should remain single. But Valentine, believing this to be an injustice, continued in defiance, to perform marraiges and was later put to death.

Sounds like Valentine understood the meaning of love between a man and a woman and thus started the long standing tradition focused on romantic love.

LOVE is likely the most important thing in life since most or all research models indicate a lack of it is at the root of every kind of human malady known to mankind. I believe this to be true and knowing love and how to love is one of our main purposes in life.

When I ask myself during the course of a day "what would a loving person do"? I am reminded of my purposes and priorities and life is good again! Really pretty simple stuff but very challenging to practice to make a habit of.

I am reminded now to establish good, loving habits in my life, one of which is my guitar practicing habit. In order to really make real, not imagined, progress, we need to develop good practice habits. Distraction and lack of clear focus is our enemy! We all need to pay attention to what we need individually and stay with it. Since this is a blog post relating primarily to guitar I am stressing the point guitaristically but this point applies to all of life.

So let's be mindful of this truth and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY and happy practicing!

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