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Wisdom & Principles of Limitless Creativity in Central New Jersey

So, here it is... a cold Northeast Monday morning in February and I need to get my day started on the right track. So I'm reading Proverbs 1 which speaks to The Beginning of Knowledge and The call of Wisdom. Huge topics! It reminded me of my own need for mindful investment of the time set before this day and to use it well, and to be wise in all my affairs..ALL!!

My intention here is not to get too heavy but to say that we, as musicians, need wisdom and a reliable "compass" in how to navigate our own special path. You see, we start out learning music by copying and emulating those before us but most of us merely continue to do just that and, sadly, never find our own voice. We simply must find and nurture our own God given voice, embrace our own musical "DNA" and put it out there.

There are only 12 notes in music which can be fashioned into infinite rhythmic juxtapositions which will NEVER expire of original ideas. Musical creativity is limitless. Learn your craft from those whose shoulders you stand on and then find your OWN voice and fall in love with it. Avoid self criticism and foolish judgements and BE BOLD!

Be confident in who God created you to be! And make some cool music along the way!

Be wise , not foolish. along your musical path in life.


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